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Step 1: Customer Development

DevStatus was a project to make the job seeking/recruiting process better for software engineers.

Steps included

  • In-person interviews with 6 Senior Engineers to explore the question, “What is the hardest part about finding a new software engineering position?”
  • Problem extraction and research



Step 2: Minimum Viable Audience

Create customer feedback loops as soon as possible. A coming soon homepage is a lean and powerful method to get an audience underway and launch your beta to real, passionate customers. Design work was outsourced.



Step 3: Wireframes

Twitter Storm

Twitter limits you to 140 characters, but TweetStorm opens up the limits. Dividing your story full into tweetable chunks. (see full mockup)



Engineering Problems

A solution I researched to solve the engineer’s job search process was a Reddit style app for ranking the interesting/challenging problems by company. The goal was to get user feedback on the concept.


Step 4: Prototyping

Product Concierge is a live prototype of a Product Hunt recommendation engine. Built uses real data and memory-based collaborative filtering.



Step 5: Continue and repeat the customer feedback cycle until you have a product users love!